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Will you be including the Master Pursuit Cape?
Will you be including the Master Pursuit Cape?

I want to make it a location where you go daily to obtain awarded. Having 95 in all Abilities and also 115 Dungeoneering (as well as all the requirements from Prifddinas) is a very large accomplishment - for me, the Maw was terrific when it initially appeared, and now it's old and out-dated, we commonly get weeks of new Completionist content but nothing obtains added to the Maw.
~ Are you brand-new? I've never ever seen you prior to ~.
You could learn more about me here (Shameless Connecting).
~ So, what's the objective? ~.
My objective is making the Motherlode Maw terrific once again, and this is why I've involved you individuals, in hopes that you can give me suggestions on exactly what you would love to include.
~ Will you be transforming Enhancers? ~.
Enhancers certainly need altering, nevertheless this is something that will certainly take place at a later day - I desire to make the Maw worth doing once more. My suggestion is to make Enhancers "variables" on your account, essentially meaning when you are provided a Castle Wars Enhancers for instance, you can "crush" it and also it uses the effects to your individual, without the requirement to lug it around with you.
Ontop of this, the reason I'm waiting a little is because there is an upgrade "soon TM" that will certainly permit you to trade in unwanted/ half used Boosters for a 1:1 rate with Wythien returning Motherlode Shards ... at some point providing you 10 for an additional roll on the Maw.
The Master Quest Cape is definitely something I am thinking about, nevertheless I wished to open up the flooring as much as you guys regarding this. MQC reqs will possibly come later on with the above Booster Change I intend to carry out, if whatsoever. The inquiry I have is: would certainly you such as to potentially make the MQC less complicated?
Ontop of this, if you would love to see MQC things applied into the Maw, exactly how would certainly you like it? Direct-Lore-Book-Drops (Last Riders anyone?!) or as "Tradition Publication Decline Boosters"?
~ Looking beyond the initial upgrade ~.
Looking past, I wish to seek to include things from Shattered Worlds, Menaphos (possibly Master Quest Cape - allowing you pick that!), possibly Lore declines and of course upcoming updates that have actually Completionist Needs affixed to the material.
For above requirements I believe a mild barrier of a month or so would be helpful as though fantastic for individuals to sink their teeth into an upgrade initially, before providing rewards that can lower the desired game-play-time.
I believe that is regarding it from me, I'll add in a book simply in situation I need it. Hopefully you people have some juicy concepts. I can't wait to hear them!:-RRB-.